Enhance your performance, play hard to the next level. Our high-end gaming chairs are so functional, ergonomic and durable, you’ll transform your gaming – playing better, winning harder. They’re beautiful too, so they’ll make a great team with the rest of your home. Let the games begin.


Your gaming desk is the heart of your battle station. Your gaming PC and all the accessories with it are built around your desk. You need a desk that will have space for your gaming keyboard to sit without wobbling, and you’ll definitely want to ensure that you’ve got space for a good mouse pad to let you smoothly move your mouse unimpeded. It’s time to level up.


With Florpad™ you can stay in the zone and focus on your goal, whether you are in game, working on an important project, watching your favorite movie or rooting for your favorite sports team. You never have to worry about scratching the floor, spilling beverage, making wheel noise or resting your feet on cold floor. Florpad™ offers great comfort and design to any chair user.